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by Judy's Hand and Foot Detailing on Footnotes from an Assessment Perspective

I thought this program was great. Barbara Bancroft is so much fun to listen to. It was so good to laugh with her in these very trying times. We learn so much in the ANT and MNT course about diseases and foot disorders. She went over a lot of what we had previously learned but in my book you can never hear it enough. It gets ingrained into my head. It was fabulous to learn of Covid toes. Something we as foot technicians can recognize. I was also fascinated to hear of platelets and what inhibits their function. My childrens' father is experiencing drops in his platelet count and I brought all the G's Barbara mentioned to his attention. I am eager to hear back from him. I can not thank Janet and Karen enough for presenting this opportunity to all of us in this field. We are such a far cry above the average nail salon out there and I am so proud of the care I can give to my clients. Thank you Janet and Karen and thank you for always keeping us informed with new knowledge.

Judy, we appreciate your feedback so much. High quality education for our foot care specialists is the very mission statement of CAUSE for Feet!

I learned so much, both new information and review.

I appreciated that Barb took the time for further explanation of neuropathy pathways and specific medications. It was enlightening to see how excessive supplements, such as raw garlic
can impact the performance of blood platelets.

Katherine, thank you for your input - we'll be sure to pass it along to Barb.

by Anonymous on CA*US*E for Feet

So fortunate to have NASP and there teaching always so good to keep up on our industry. Thank you so much

Thank you for your support, Brenda! We're here for you.

Barb was amazing. She really knows her stuff and you can tell how much she enjoys it.  So glad I inquired about the aneurism information.

We did laugh while we learned, didn't we? Thanks for your feedback, Brenda!


One of the most well organized and knowledgeable lecture I have been to in along time. Barb Bancroft was a wealth of knowledge and can’t wait to visit her website and read her books. Great collaboration to all!

Thank you for joining us, Michelle! We are so gratified you enjoyed the webinar and we will let you know about upcoming events. Barb's books are available at

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by Kristine Johnson on CAUSE for Feet
Experienced educators with top-of-the-line courses...

Great way to learn from the best. I look forward to participating in this unique platform. The owners and trainers have years of experience in developing concise and reliable programs to teach very relevant skills that the student can put to use immediately. Bravo!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Chicago! Thank you for your ever-present support, Kris.

by Jo Ann Diaz on CAUSE for Feet
Stellar educational experience

It is evident these experts really care about their students. You quickly become aware that you are learning from true educators who feed you factual information, with clear and concise delivery. When it comes to training, this is where you need to be, where the pros are. Thank you for bringing this to our industry.

Thank you, Jo Ann! We are proud to host educators of the highest caliber...there’s such a need!