Workshop: NASP - Toenail Pathologies

Taught by: Vicki Malo, North American School of  Podology (NASP)

CEUs: 2 hours, IL

Much needed information on commonly seen nail pathologies. Recognizing which to refer and which can be included in cosmetic foot care will set you apart from other nail technicians.

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Monday Workshop – Look and Learnnasp_vicki_malo_cause_for_feet

Learn about different nail pathologies affecting the toenails and potential solutions for these issues. From fungus to thick toenails, this class has it all.

NASP educator Vicki Malo teaches a hands-on approach on how to help your clients with painful extremely curved nails, lifted nails, thick nails and other issues related to toenails. You will learn proper techniques on how to reduce a nail, cut a nail, apply the BS Brace as well as proper implements and bits for best practices according to our clients’ needs. Learn how to give your clients the best foot care while increasing your revenue stream in this 2-hour seminar.



You will learn:

  • Best practices for working safely with toenail with issues
  • When to proceed and when to refer the client to medical providers

This 2-hour theory will give you the confidence to make good decisions for the benefit of your clients.


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