Dr. Peter DeShane is a Professional Coach, Seminar Leader, Clinical cause_for_feet_deshane_business_coachHypnotherapist, Neurotherapist and Chiropractor. He has been in private practice for twenty-four years.

As a Chiropractor, Coach and Professional Speaker he has always sought to unlock the potential that lies within a person, waiting to be uncovered. Utilizing his background in neuro-psychology (Honours, Gold Medalist, UWO), Chiropractic (proficient in over 10 healing techniques), Hypnotherapy (a licensed trainer) and Corporate Coaching (Graduate, Corporate Coach U.), Dr. Peter has developed numerous programs to help his clients better their communication skills, clarify their strategic planning process and grow their sales.

Integrating his training at Corporate Coach University, Coaches Training Institute along with his skills in NLP and Hypnosis, Peter likes to meet his client where they’re at and co-create the “Impossible Future” for his client and help them achieve it faster and more enjoyably than they thought possible.

Peter has appeared on TV and radio and has been published in the Journal of Rheumatology. He has produced over 25 CDs on Hypnosis, Neural Enhancement and Persuasion. He has produced a number of private seminars that have been conducted in his own clinic and has lectured to numerous professionals in the private and public sectors. He has taught/lectured at University of Western Ontario (Huron College), UWO Medical School, Strathroy General Hospital, McMaster Medical School, Fanshawe College, and D’Arcy Lane Institute.  He is a regular speaker at the Neurofield annual conference and consults internationally on the biomedical approach to neurotherapy.

Peter’s approach to speaking, teaching and coaching incorporates communication with both the conscious and subconscious aspects of his audiences’ minds. Enthusiastic and passionate about what he teaches, he also wants to make sure that people walk away from their sessions with viable tools that will allow people to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of people that in turn, they will touch.