Janet McCormick has been in the beauty industry as a nailcause-for-feet-janet-mccormick technician and esthetician for 40 years and through those years, she has sought always with a passion to upgrade the profession in skill and knowledge, and to raise community respect for the professionals.

Janet is a noted authority, having written over 500 articles in various trade publications over the years supporting the information with research and experiences that provides the readers with workable skills and high- level information. She has written over 30 articles on safety and infection control in different esthetics and nail magazines in hopes of influencing the trends.

As an innovator, Janet designed and patented the first nail form that would stick together under the finger, and was hands-on in designing the first UVA light and gel system. She also created the first comprehensive online training programs for nail technicians, taking their skills above the minimum requirements of state boards.

When the industry began to show signs of “going budget,” she began focusing on safety in the industry in hopes of saving the industry from itself. She has been training nail techs since 1983. She is a former spa director and CIDESCO Diplomate in esthetics and returned to university to achieve a master’s degree in Allied Health Management (OSU); this knowledge has supported her mentoring nail technicians and estheticians and enhanced her writing.

Over the years Janet has spoken at almost every convention and conference in the industry while also training small classes on niche topics. She launched Nailcare Academy (NA) in 2015 with Karen Hodges as Co-Founder. NA is an online education platform created to 1) train nail technicians to work safely with the chronically ill (and all) clients, 2) teach nail technicians how to partner with physicians in helping their patients to maintain healthy feet, and 3) support the technicians toward higher respect in the community while attaining an increased income. NA is at www.nailcare-academy.com